Seduzioni, 2019, Rome

Held at the “Galleria Area Contesa Arte”  in Rome, via Margutta,  from 10th to 15th October 2019. My return in Rome after seven years. A lot of visitors and a great critical success.

Antipodes, 2018, Aosta

This Exhib was a double one: my paintings together with the works of Bobo Pernettaz: two artists at the Antipodes. The Exhib was enriched with a series of events, all of which followed by a lot of visitors: – “Dessert at the Antipodes” by chef Alberto Norbiato; – “Dish at the Antipodes” by chef Stefano […]

#IAm(Not)aPainter, 2016, Aosta

The exhibit was held at the Sala espositiva Finaosta  in Aosta from 17th September to 7th October 2016.

Coloured Gestures, 2012, Rome

The exhibition was held at the Mostrarti Gallery in Rome from 28th January to 18th February 2012.

First Exhib, 1989, Aosta

My first exhibition was held in Aosta in May 1989


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