The Artist and his Self Portrait (Photo Gaetano Lo Presti)

The Artist and his Self Portrait (Photo Gaetano Lo Presti)

Vincenzo (born 1960) was always fascinated by art and painting, in which he is engaged with a personal research style. He lives in Aosta, a little town near to Mont Blanc.

For many years oil color was his preferred matter, sometimes with big brush strokes in which you can feel the strenght of gesture, or with turgid clumps of substance to obtain a plastic effect.

In the last years he rediscovered acrylic and pastels, suitable to integrate color inside gestures. Entropy of doodles and scrawls generates shapes, and a sequence of disordered strokes asserts the color.

He is going toward familiar subjects, famous portraits of past personalities together with icons of our times, as the cartoon characters or technological objects of the new millennium, in order to put them in a holographic representation of the world, where Everything is One. If Guglielmo Marconi is represented with Facebook homepage in the background, the Yalta Conference is held in a tv talk show, Peppone and Don Camillo are competitors of the Big Brother reality show, while a famous writer of XIX century is portrayed with the Simpsons family.

Vincenzo paints also scenes from the consumer society: queues at the supermarket or crowded restaurants, with the table companions unwitting actors of the Western society long decadence in the time of the crisis.

Vincenzo’s work has been exhibited in Rome, Turin and many other italian cities.


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