Antipodi (Antipodes), 2018, Aosta

This Exhib was a double one: my paintings together with the works of Bobo Pernettaz: two artists at the Antipodes.
The Exhib was enriched with a series of events, all of which followed by a lot of visitors:
– “Dessert at the Antipodes” by chef Alberto Norbiato;
– “Dish at the Antipodes” by chef Stefano Zonca;
– Concert by Vincent Boniface;
– “Wines according to the paintings” by sommeliers Isabella Sala and Luca Radicchi;
– “Antopides, Antagonists and Antilops”, performance of the journalist Enrico Martinet;
– “Music Happy Hour”, concert of Roberto Contardo (guitar), Alberto Faccini (contrabass); Gaetano Lo Presti (guitar and voice), Elisabetta Padrin (voice), Simone Momo Riva (drums), Flavia Simonetti (violin);
– Communication with Antipodes, by Claudio Calì.

(Photo Luca Perazzone @lukephot)

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